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Full-service a cappella recording and production: Arranging, recording, editing, mixing, and anything in between, all done in-house. CARA award-winning, BOCA, BOHSA, SING, and Voices Only placed tracks, an RIAA-certified Multi-Platinum album, and multiple Billboard top-charting albums and songs all produced here.

Plaid Productions is two people: Alex Green and Alexander Koutzoukis. We coincidentally both went to Tufts University for college, sang in occasionally-competing a cappella groups on campus (the Amalgamates and Beelzebubs, respectively), and eventually realized we loved music (specifically a cappella) enough to make a full time job of producing it.

Since 2011, we have enjoyed working with groups ranging from right at home at Tufts University, to High Point, NC and Centerville, OH, all the way to Singapore and Taiwan. Between producing these albums and occasional collaborations with friends and headlining acts at national festivals, our focus is always on creating the best musical experience we can for both performers and listeners alike.

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Alex Green

My experiences in the music and audio world started early, recording songs in my bedroom on Long Island, NY. I spent my college years as a member and music director of the Amalgamates, while also holding internships at Rounder Records (Burlington, MA) & Alta Vista Studios (Austin, TX), and writing for the Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB). In early 2009, I was introduced to recorded a cappella while working with Deke Sharon and Bill Hare in Milpitas, CA, and back in Massachusetts with John Clark recording, editing, and mixing the Amalgamates’ CARA-winning Hands Off The Mannequin. When I’m not either mixing or behind a microphone, you can usually find me hovering over a cutting board or in front of a stove, probably making soup.

Alexander Koutzoukis

My formative college years (all five of them) were spent as a member of the Beelzebubs, serving as Music Director for two. I got my start in the field of a cappella production while working closely with Ed Boyer and Bill Hare on two award-winning Bubs albums (Pandaemonium and Play The Game) and continued along that path once out of the group by working on about half of the Warblers tracks from Season 2 of Glee. I won a 2010 Best Male Collegiate Arrangement CARA for my arrangement of “All The Love In The World,” a 2012 CARA runner-up in the same category for “Kings and Queens,” and despite functioning primarily as a bass and vocal percussionist (as on the first season of NBC’s The Sing-Off), am always eager to sing (almost) as high as Green.

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what we do


Capturing your best individual and group performances in front of a microphone.


Correcting minor performance flaws, like pitch and rhythm discrepancies.


Balancing voice parts, adding effects, augmenting percussion: the creative part of post-production that brings your musical vision to life.


Anything from on-the-fly tweaks to studio arrangements built from the ground up; just ask.


Supportive feedback to help your singers get the right notes, the best dynamics, and the realest emotions.


Guidance with any other steps along the way: Anything from song selection to mastering and distribution, and even group functions like gigging and leadership.

Interested in working together? Contact us to get started and figure out some details.


some of our favorite songs that we've worked on with our clients, at festivals, and just to get ideas in our heads out

Just Us

every so often we take some time off to work on music for ourselves, and these are what happen

Collaborative Recording

songs we've recorded at CASA festivals with performing groups, VIPs, and sometimes whoever else happened to be around

Artist Samples

some choice samples of fun things we've worked on with other groups


a non-comprehensive list of people and groups we've worked with, and what some of them are saying about us


Accidentals (University of Georgia)
Aires (Dartmouth College)
Amalgamates (Tufts University)
Anchord (Tufts University)
Bare Naked Statues (Saint Louis University)
Beelzebubs (Tufts University)
The Blend (Wheaton College)
Buffoons (Colorado College)
Callbacks (Harvard University)
Chai-Town (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
DeCadence (University of California Berkeley)
Deltones (Delaware University)
Divisi (University of Oregon)
Forte (Centerville High School)
Fundamentally Sound (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
G-Men (University of Michigan)
Jackson Jills (Tufts University)
Kaskeset (SUNY Binghamton)
Logarhythms (MIT)
No Southern Accent (University of Florida)
Octāves (Richmond University)
OneVoice (Briarcrest Christian High School)
Opportunes (Harvard University)
Out of the Blue (Duke University)
Out of the Blue (Oxford University)
Out of the Blue (Yale University)
Pitch Slapped (Berklee College of Music)
Pitchforks (Duke University)
Power Chords (Olin College)
Random Voices (UCLA)
Rensselyrics (RPI)
S-Factor (Tufts University)
Shir Appeal (Tufts University)
Shockwave (Rutgers)
sQ! (Tufts University)
Techtonics (Imperial College London)
Toccatatones (High Point University)
Tritones (UCSD)
Trojan Men (University of Southern California)
Vega (Chaminade-Julienne High School)
X-Factors (Northwestern University)


The Maccabeats
Peter Hollens

ARORA / SONOS (Collaborative Recording)
The Backbeats
The Boxettes (Collaborative Recording)
C.D. Eichler (AKA Pella)
Centre Radio (Voiceover – Tobias Hug)
Club for Five (Collaborative Recording)
Choni Goldberg
Duwende (Collaborative Recording)
The Edge Effect (Collaborative Recording)
The Filharmonic
Five O’Clock Shadow
The House Jacks (Collaborative Recording)
Hookslide (Collaborative Recording)
Key Elements
Kinfolk 9
Mo5aic (Collaborative Recording)
Naturally 7 (Collaborative Recording)
NoTa (Collaborative Recording)
On Pointe
Overboard (Collaborative Recording)
POSTYR Project (Collaborative Recording)
Radio Y.E.S. 93.3 FM (Singapore)
Similar Jones
Sirens (Taiwan)
Six Appeal
VXN (Collaborative Recording)

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With our combined experience arranging, directing, performing, recording, editing, mixing, producing, connecting, and generally existing in the a cappella community, we've gathered the necessary skills to take your ideas from start to finish and make the best possible music while working within your group's (or your school's) budget.

Somerville, MA & Brooklyn, NY